George Costanza-isms

Secret Life of Cats

Circle of Illusion

Gas Problem Solved!

Giant Kitty

National Security?

<will code 4 food>

U.S. Apologizes to China!!

Men Can't Babysit!

Keys to Beemer?


Texas Car Wash

Leprechaun Wink

Spring Break Update!

Smile! Ba-Ba Baby

St. Patty's Green Beer

Joy of Flying


Golf Oddities

Secret Signs

Sign of the Times

Stress Relief Kit

Happy Hour @ Work

New Gas Prices!

International Stress Symbol

Men can be so dumb!

Is this your son?

U Think Yer Job Sucks...

Workers Comp...

I See Dumb People!!

Hairy Valentine

Knock-Out Valentine


Project IT: For the Person on the Go

Would U Have Invested?

Crouching Tiger II

Send a Cyber-Boo!


Memory Test

Alternate No Smoking Sign

Gas Prices 101

Deer Overpopulation


Employee Break Policy

Presidential Parting Gifts

Just Newt It!

Jesse (Jackson's) Girl

Women's Parking Lot

Near Death Experience?

'Friends' on STN (not NBC)

Florida Funnies

2000 Election Dancehal

The New AirForce 1

Curious George 'W'

Florida Funnies Finale


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