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Women Peeing While Standing

It's about time a woman had the ability to write pee their name in the dirt, the ability to carve away a patch of snow with deadly, yellow, precision. Enter Magic Cone.

Magic Cone is a funnel made of disposable cardboard. It has curved profile in upper opening to fit the female's body and the lower opening is large enough to prevent over flow of urine. By holding the two sides of the funnel between thumb and fingers and pressing it toward each other, it will lock up in an open and semi-rigid position and remain open while in use. The outer surface of the funnel will not get wet during urination.

(But seriously, women could find this thing could be useful outdoors, and in nasty bathrooms. And maybe, just maybe, in a car so I don't need to stop every 30 miles.)

It's here, and it's going to liberate women everywhere. The Magic Cone

Anonymous said...
Yo this blog sucks - the owner probably is a guy who uses the magic-cone too.
12:28 PM  

Anathema said...
I disagree with Anon. I read the whole thing before I even realized it was someone's blog. I found it through a friend who sent me a Shirley Q. Liquor link. Perhaps you will be kind enough to send me your blogger link so I can read it from time to time?
6:15 PM  

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