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VW Polo Suicide Bomber

Recently a (spoof?) Volkswagon ad has been circulating around the internet. It depicts a would-be suicide car bomber driving a VW Polo. He finds a "suitable location", ripe with life and people who don't look like him, and proceeds to detonate the explosives strapped to his body. Ultimately the VW saves the day.

I just so happen to have a copy of the VW Polo tv spot. You are going to need QuickTime. For some reason the QuickTime plug-in won't play it in my browser, so right click and save the .mov to your harddrive and play it from there.

Oh yeah, VW and its advertisers claim that this was an unauthorized spoof and are rather upset. Subsequently, VW has filed charges; although they don't know who the perp is. (In Germany you can file charges against unknowns and zie polizei gets to point the finger. hmmm.)

You can read the news story here.