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Uber-Sperm!!! Zie New German Race

german reality television producers are on a quest to find the most virile man. in Sperm Race, 12 donors will compete to see who has the world's fastest sperm.

however, no human egg will be fertilized in this historic event. instead, samples will be placed in a test tube with a chemical substance nearly identical to that of a human egg. and to make sure that there is no funny business with the sperm, a team of doctors will be standing by. add lights, cameras, marketing, and bloggers and you have a race!

the one who comes in first the owner of the sperm to "fertilize the egg" will be awarded a shiny, new, red porsche. undoubtedly, the victor, with newfound fame and red porsche, will be making many more donations.

details were not released as to how much footage of the pre-race warmup will be aired on television. i suspect that will be saved for the unrated-dvd-box-set which will be on store shelves in time for christmas. perhaps mtv is developing their own series - "the real sperm".

you can read more about Sperm Race here.

apparently increasing numbers of german men suffer from poor sperm. i wonder why.